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CKEditor: caching issues


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I have had a lot of my members letting me know that they are not happy about this.

It seems that CKeditor keeps a cache of the last post via Editor Form Element.

'autoSaveKey' => ''

My members are reporting that they still get 'quoted items' in the editor long after they closed the editor and moved on to another post.

I am going to assume the way this caching is to store the last content in the editor window if it needs reused later? If this is the case, then I am going to assume that this is a bug or the user 'needs to be made aware' of the fact that this is an auto saved item (So they can discard it).

Personally, I would prefer that Admin had the choice to turn OFF this feature via the ACP, please.

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2 hours ago, GlenP said:

It is annoying but not as annoying as the number of posts that have been lost for no obvious reasons over the years. The easiest way to fix this is to add this button to your toolbars


This will delete the editor page content and create a new page.

The problem is I don't trust the editor toolbars either, it is buggy as hell. I have lost count how many times I have to redo any changes I have made to this area, just because I load an out of date plugin or plugins that don;t get uninstalled correctly.

I will probably create a hook to remove 'autoSaveKey' from the code.

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The autosave feature is something I find very useful myself. If only it had kept my post in situations where I would actually be likely to need it in 10/10 cases, like when receiving error messages. (They are emptied on submit rather than successful post ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

The issue here is that removing things from the editor is buggy (which is the real issue) and that it might have been an idea if the autosave-feature had some sort of timeout value that could be defined by the administrator.  

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I find the autosave feature useful.

If the connection to the server get lost while you are making or editing a post, you will be able to recover the content when you open the editor in the same topic.

If it was a new topic you were creating, then you just have to start a new topic to recover the content for the topic that you were working on before the connection got lost.

In both cases this should usually work, but there can be exceptions to this.

You just have to clear the editor content if you don't want to submit it, instead of just leaving it, so it doesn't resurface. Clearing the content can of course be a problem if there is elements there that can't be easily removed like on mobile phones. But the New Page ckeditor plugin is very helpful in such cases.

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It is pretty much the only issue my members complain about right now. I have installed that new page button, but maybe saved content should have a time limit or be limited to the topic they were replying to (probably not possible).

Or maybe being able to delete the contents be a simple process again.

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