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Online User List not accurate?


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Since upgrading to IPB 4.0 I've noticed a lot of my users seem to be looking at a forum and not actually doing anything, so I logged in with a second account on a different browser, went into a topic and checked - it still said that I was looking at the forum index. I left it a good 5 minutes and it never updated. However, when I went back to the forum index it updated immediately and then seemed to track the topics I was viewing.

Anyone else noticed this?

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It only updates your location once every 2 minutes or so on IPS 4. So if you went to the front page and then 5 second later go to topic, you'll still be viewed as being on the frontpage. 

However if you then refresh the same topic 115 seconds later (if it's 2 minutes), then other people should also see you as active there.

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