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3 hours ago, CP_User said:

Hi Taman.

Is there a way I can remove the slant and the shadow on the sidebar widgets and return them to normal so I can match them with the forum title section?

.ipsWidget.ipsWidget_vertical .ipsWidget_title {
    padding: 15px !important;
    font-size: 16px;
    height: initial !important;line-height: initial !important;border-bottom: initial !important;border-left: initial!important;
  	background: {theme="widget_title_bar"} !important;
    border-radius: 3px !important;
.ipsWidget.ipsWidget_vertical .ipsWidget_inner,.ipsWidget > .ipsDataList{box-shadow: none !important;}


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Just now, Igor Denisov said:

My  body image not worked. why?

Forum here https://forum.embroideres.com/


There is a setting in the same tab right below that Body background gradients in the image, named  "Remove image if slider layout is set Wide" :) Just disable the setting 


btw this theme for IPS 4.2 is compeltly new even colors and header shape, plus lots of more settings you can chnage the whole theme colors within settings now there is also news ticker, social links on header, footer, or fixed to sidebar a lot of changes in slider for example excluding it on specific pages like login, register....etc :) 

So i suggest anyone who recently bought it not to customize a lot and waste your time because in 4.2 you have to reinstall this theme as a new one, using "Upload a new version" doesn't work 



Edited by TAMAN
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9 minutes ago, Igor Denisov said:

4.2 available?

Thank you!!

Also as option. How add move language switch to top? You can add it to to new modification?

No sorry. language awitch is in footer i dont change it to top nor providing help to edit html templates of any kind due to theme update breaks

Edited by TAMAN
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