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Seeing this.. not sure this is right

Adriano Faria

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I think the proper metaphor is if McDonald's asks if you want to buy a Big Mac, while you're chewing on a Big Mac.  And even when your mouth is clearly too full to say no, they keep asking again and again.  And again and again.  So no, there's nothing to stop McDonald's from advertising their Big Macs.  But one has to wonder how many times you can be asked if you want a Big Mac before you decide that Burger King might be a better place to visit the next time you go out for a hamburger?

In any case, our websites already get a big red non-dismissable advertising banner.  (Whoops.  Did I say advertising banner?  I totally meant "security" banner. Such a typo.  My bad.  So sorry.  Advertising.  Whoops.  There I go again.)  If IPS wants to add a big turquoise non-dismissable advertising banner to their own website, more power to them.  

And if IPS keeps adding these colorful advertising banners all over the place, maybe it'll eventually engross its community forums into one big multi-colored kaleidoscope of advertising, which will be both dazzling chromatic and voraciously greedy -- and there won't be any more peer-to-peer support forums.  And we will happily hand over cash because there's nothing else to do on the IPS forums besides pay IPS and see more non-dismissable banners.  Who needs a community of people when we've been reduced to colors and money?  

The future is so frighteningly beautiful and colorful.  And filled with Big Macs that we don't want.

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It's intended to show on website related pages, not the community pages. It should be easy enough to address - calm down, it'll be ok. ^_^   

This gives me a great idea for an easter egg though... if license ID belongs to Joel - banners, banners everywhere! 

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On 10 September 2016 at 3:42 PM, Joel R said:

I think the proper metaphor is if McDonald's asks if you want to buy a Big Mac, while you're chewing on a Big Mac.

It's been a while since I was last in a McDonalds, but I'm pretty sure I remember massive posters with pictures of their food on all over the interior ;) 



But yeah - this was my bad. Customer wanted to buy a second license - we realised we had no link to do that :p I suppose I could have made it less bright and turquoise, but you know... it seemed like not a big deal.

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1.  Pretty sure, for as much as IPS has put up with me, they're already highly motivated to troll me back.  They don't need $10.  Heck, I pay them $95 semi-annually just to troll them for the next 6 months.

2.  Banners, banners everywhere?  Challenge accepted.


(Real life story of Joel and his community.  Who needs a community when you have banners, banners everywhere??)

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