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Classifieds System

Adriano Faria

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In the language file, I changed all references of the words "advert", "adverts" to "listing" and "listings". I also changed "Classifieds" to "Marketplace". When there is an update for the application, and I update, will I have to rename all this again?

Thank you.

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Hi Guys,

InvisionHQ seems to be very busy. For the last six weeks I have been trying to find out if adverts can be added to classifieds using an Android phone? It does not seem a complicated question compared to other questions being asked here and replied to. Does anybody know if this is possible? My customer has been patiently waiting for over six weeks for an answer which makes me look as if I don't give a damn, when in fact I have been constantly trying to resolve the issue.    

Thanks Kenny   

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On 11/21/2020 at 9:17 AM, leonovich_J said:

@InvisionHQ how is the advertisement raised, bump?

What do you mean?

On 11/22/2020 at 6:51 AM, pixel_merged said:

With Classifieds application, I don't succeed to display map of the location ("Localisation" in French). However, Google map is displaying on Calendar. Why that difference ? 

check this setting:


13 hours ago, optrexnz said:

Is anyone else seeing this problem?

I did not understand

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4 hours ago, InvisionHQ said:

check this setting:


I found !

"Category Submissions" / "Allow location for adverts" was on Off (not green)

Instead checking this setting, I added an extra field "location" with parameter "address"... it displayed the same fields. But no map.

It works now.

Edited by pixel_merged
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On 10/30/2020 at 5:10 PM, optrexnz said:

I'm seeing a bug where a classified advert, when reviewed doesn't disappear off the new content search when read.

Ok so someone makes a review on a classified advert.
That advert review appears on the new content search.
You read the review/advert, but despite being read, it still appears on the new content search as unread

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