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Classifieds System

Adriano Faria

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5 hours ago, DanLemX said:

This application is really great, but it would be nice if the adverts can be for services and not just physical items.   Under "Item Condition", I can't leave that blank if the advert is about a service, a job posting or any other type of "classified" ad.  

It's possible, simply add "Services" or whatever to the Conditions area in the ACP:

@Claire Field @DanLemX


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2 minutes ago, bpn said:

Can fields like price and location be made obligatory, individually set for each category?

Yes for location, price is obligatory in Commerce app, what you can do is put 0 in the price field.


4 minutes ago, bpn said:

Can users set up filters to  be notified if an ad with certain properties is posted?

No, you can subscribe categories.

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On 06.01.2017 at 7:11 AM, KentT said:

3. How does a user renew an expired ad, when I have it set to allow free renewals?  Here's one user's view of expired ads as shown in the My Renewals list:



I have the same problem - more than 10 users on my board which has expired advertise trying to Renew it. But ALL see the same problem - after click button "Renew" they see only "Cannot be renewed".

What we do wrong here? Of courese in ACP i have Package with Allowed Renewals. It's Free advertise and Free renewals.



Many thanks! Maybe someone can help us with this.

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  • 2 weeks later...

When cancelling or expiring an invoice the advert disappears. Is this the correct behaviour?

Also, with account settings - advert defaults......How do I change these globally for all users?

Is there a way to stop the following options appearing when placing an advert?
Gallery Album
Contact details - via email

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@InvisionHQ @Adriano Faria I absolutely love this classified system, I was running Xenforo and had a developer developing one for that platform but he went completely AWOL and abandoned the project countless times. So finding an alternative with an active and reliable developer is a godsend. Thank you so much!

I really hope you continue to develop the classifieds system to keep it up to date and add more features like the feedback system you proposed and if money is an issue, I would be happy paying more for the renewal fee if it helps keep the app developed, updated and built on :D 

Edited by sodagod1
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On 18.8.2017 at 9:04 AM, sodagod1 said:

went completely AWOL and abandoned the project countless times

Yeah ;) That Guy! Ahh anyways, thinking about just makes me :sick:


Well, this Classifieds is very good but still looking for some things i would love to see in this too ;) 

Like the Adverters Time to Reply etc. Well, i posted already ;) Also a better kind of some sorting tree would be nice.

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Hello,  Im interested in this pluging but so far i have these questions:

1- it is possible to sell vehicles. I can see there is a "Condition" category, it is possible to also add instead of "Condition" "Extra Accesories" ?

2- It is possible to add to the price an option that says: Price Negotiable ?

3- It is possible to disable expiration time?


Thank you

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20 hours ago, InvisionHQ said:

1. yes with custom fields.

2. yes with option "Accept offers"

3. no but you can create a package with 9999999... days.

Thank you. It would be nice to be able to disable expiration dates instead of the 99999999 days, maybe in future version.


Once again, thank you for your reply

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On 17/08/2017 at 3:33 AM, optrexnz said:

When cancelling or expiring an invoice the advert disappears. Is this the correct behaviour?

+1 I've noticed this too. 

Also, when an item with a quantity remaining that is greater than 1, it shouldn't be made pending when an offer is made as this makes it disappear from the store, despite there being stock left.

Edited by Callum MacGregor
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Spotted another one:

If a user makes a purchase on the site, I can cover the cost of payment processing fees by adding in "commission" rates, so the purchaser pays, rather than me.

If a user adds credit in the form of an account top-up, there is no option to cover the payment processing fees, so they $10 credit and I end up with $9.40
So I make a loss every time someone adds credit, which sort of defeats the object of commerce enabling the site.

Unless I'm missing a setting somewhere?

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