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Customization within the basic IPB interface question


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I love how many customizations can be performed now without having to go into the css.  However, is there a diagram or guide somewhere that tells you what the various components are named, the ones referred to in the custom color and custom text change sections of the administrative CP?  It's really laborious having to do it by trial and error.  Hm.  If I change this subtitle bar text to black maybe I can figure out what text this is and which title bar they're referring to.  You see my problem?  And I cannot be the only one having it.

Thanks for any clues on this.


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The Guide on the CSS framework is probably the best tool for this:


It's not possible really to list everything like that. Fortunately, browsers have built-in inspectors which allow you to navigate through your page and see the CSS classes. You can even change elements to see what the result would be if you were to save the change on your site. Here are instructions for Chrome's tools, so that you get an idea: https://developers.google.com/web/tools/chrome-devtools/iterate/inspect-styles/

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