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New set up -- 8 subforums in Admin CP. Only 5 appear


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I'm a newbie setting up my forums for the first time.  Not having a problem setting up and configuring one parent with 8 subforum/child sections under it in Admin  CP.  However, only 5 of the 8 are showing up when I go to my forum index page, as in the one members would see.

I am wondering if this may have to do with the size of my icon images.  I made them large and perhaps there is a limit on forum index page length or something?   But this wouldn't explain why it's showing subforums 1, 2, 4 and 6 and skipping ones in between.

Is there a size limit on subforum icons?  (Not seeing any guides available for this latest release.)

I've checked and double checked the settings for all 8 subforums and they look to be exactly the same.  Anyone have a clue what might be going on here?

Thanks very much for any input on this.

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No.  All permissions are set exactly the same on all the forums-- both those that are showing up online and the ones that I can only see from within my administrative CP.  It's a puzzle. I've submitted a support ticket but won't hear back from those folks until Tuesday after Labor Day I expect. So was hoping I might be able to solve this sooner here.  Any other ideas?

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