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More control with advert locations


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I would like to see more options to help us monetize our sites. 

Custom keys are great but it would be nice to include more default locations to select from.

Forum display header and footer, topic header and footer, plus the ability to select which forums the advert will show in.

The ability to select which forum the advert shows in should also be added to after first topic and first post. 

This would allow us to offer companies exclusive advertising to one board on the forum or say you have a electronic forum, you could place targetted affiliate links in each board. 

Would also be nice to select after 1st, 5th or x number of posts and topics. Within topics and boards are prime locations to display adverts.

I'm sure others would love to see this made available, pretty please with a cherry on top x

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Like. A lot. Anything we admins can do to help monetize our boards to compete with the social media giants is a huge plus.

Apparently there are plug-ins to enhance ad placements. But some of us like to stay as "native" to the ISP software as possible to avoid the problems that seem to be associated with adding third party programs and script. (Especially when updating board software)

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