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1. In term of working with IP.Content Templates, we had a sidebar area name "Template Tags" and that was very useful. So many possibility of parameters and really helpful for template designing. Pages template's Work space is great now but this one is strongly missed.



2. There is no "Comment feed" to create as a block. like Recent Comments from Database/Category

3. In the new versions IPS bring back Some of the very necessary Blocks Filter options. i don't know is that me when i play in Demo version or is this is a problem. For Record Feed block, Sort option is always is empty. This sort option for me in ip.content is pretty useful. specially option like Last Updated Date, View, Rate and Comments. Sort option in other Apps feed block works fine. like Gallery or Download Sort option is valid but in Pages feeds it's empty always.



4. Filter options need a "Tag" option. not only feeds from Pages but the other apps as well.

5. As I suggest before, there is really need notification alert when someone "Edit" a record, when we activate Wiki-Style Editing. Also Editing is a User Activity and must be recorded in User Profile Activities.

6. In term of Fields, 2 option can be very useful. With Group Can See this Field and With Group Can work with this field. like you create a field only a moderator [or...] can work with it and the other groups can't.

7. Making a Tabbed Blocks as a drop/down, working on Global sidebar blocks area. like making a block and drop some blocks in it.

8. Stats Widget based on Databases/Categories. like Number of articles, comments, last article date and ...

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