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Pulling RSS to Mailchimp


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I'm trying to create an automated daily newsletter via Mailchimp from my RSS feeds. The problem I'm facing is that IPB's RSS feeds pull the entire article into the feed, instead of a limited amount of content. 

Is there a way to alter the RSS feed to only pull the meta description?

This would allow me to show an article title and meta-description on the newsletter - as opposed to the title and entire article. 

Sidenote: I would simply use the title and the article image, however, the way it's setup now, I have to have the content showing in order to pull the image... so it's essentially not an option for me. 

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I just realized... even if I pulled the title and meta-description..... it still wouldn't pull the image. 

At the end of the day, I'm just trying to figure out a way to send a decent looking newsletter that looks good and includes links to a group of articles from the site. That's all completely automated. 

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