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fantastic theme.  I'm readying it for production on my site.  One issue I've run into is that one of my dropdown menus ends up with two rows of menu options (there are lots of car shows).  The second row of menu items falls outside of the header and becomes difficult to see.  Also, the menu bar doesn't seem to be left justified like the rest of the page. 

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When we started our preparations last year for IPBoard v3 to Invision Community 4.2 upgrade, we wanted to have theme to closely resemble what we had before Design wise. However as most of our design team have moved on to greener pastures in 2013, and IPboard 3.x themes totally incompatible with 4.x it was a bit of panic thing. Even more so as we run a 100% open-source volunteer-driven ad-free community. What we lack incoming (optional) donations, we've always been able to compensate in superior skill. Anyway, what I like to get down to ? Our crew been working with Mind Theme since v1.01 and it's a HUGE relief to see that  @Heosforo keeps making all kinds of tweaks and adds new features. Which makes 4.x core + module upgrades a breeze! In short: WE LOVE YOU! ?And we might share a few of our custom css / js snippets soon here too. Teamwork makes the dream work ?

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On 8/4/2018 at 10:37 AM, Heosforo said:

Hello @CheersnGears

Please can you show me an example? an image or if you want send me a URL privately to check.

It seems like sometimes it forms the "More" dropdown and sometimes it doesn't and ends up like this:



You can try it out here https://www.cheersandgears.com/

Seems to depend on where you start from. 

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On 8/7/2018 at 11:28 PM, Heosforo said:

I usually don't change version number if there is no major impact, sometimes they are just internal adjustments or related to CSS.

If you need this for each update, no problem just let me know. :wink:

cause we had the "more" issue too. Took us multiple days to fix it, as CSS ain't our strong suite . Super delighted to see you fixed it in less than 4 hours. But we -- theme users -- wouldn't know you would have fixed it based on versioning unless we follow this discussion. And version number is the only thing I check before reading a changelog or considering an upgrade. Maybe add another digit? So CSS changes and such get reflect like 2.0.8.x ? So it doesn't mess with your major updates versioning structure? 

*edit* and if we had known you fix things as quickly as you do in CSS, I would have brought it up here instead.

BTW pertaining our 'mods' to your theme. Our dev team seems to enjoy a well deserved holiday. So waiting on them to get back, and hopefully, they can share their work/feedback in here, so we can make the theme better for everybody and put the management of it all in your capable hands? ?

On that note, where exactly can we find your donate button? Cause I appreciate the theme is free (dare say you're F crazy ? ) pertaining the quality at which it is created, maintained, and the level of support you give, at the lean lead times you deliver excellence. OSXL might not be able to donate much in funds (and I need to get approval for those kinds of things from our entire crew), but love to make a small donation of my own.

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Hello @rhyker2u

Thanks ?, I appreciate your words and your help because you are right. I'll keep it in mind for the next updates. ?

Of course, I'd love to see your team's ideas ?, anytime just let me know.

Thank you very much, but don't worry about donating.
Maybe in the future you are interested in some of my next themes, I'll try to take all your money ?‍♂️?

Cheers mate!

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Yeah, count with me too, right now I use ehren team, hope your theme can help ips go to next level, UX UI and Mobile focus are the keys. Developers use more desktop, but users use more smart phone. And after all, developers work for users, so is more certainly from users perspective saying if ips is good for mobile or not. 

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