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Locating php.ini


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Evening all!

I'm running 4.1.14, and find myself needing to tweak php.ini.  Problem is, I've scoured every last directory and can't for the life of me find the file.  I could have sworn it was in the root directory whenever I've needed it up to now, but it appears to have run away from home.  If someone could tell me what the file path to php.ini should be, it will be much appreciated.



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Depends on the host.

On generally any host that uses WHM/cPanel, you can place a php.ini inside your home folder (e.g. /home/devlp/) with the modifications you have. This might be a setting on the host's side, though. But it usually works.

Otherwise, if you control the hosting environment (or even if you don't and just want to find out what files get loaded), you can throw a test.php with a call to phpinfo() and find the currently loaded configuration (php.ini) file(s).

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