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Changing From forum.domain.com to domain.com/forum

Joy Rex

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Well, it won't be too hard. Basically what you should do:

1. Back up files and database.

2. Move forum files to /forum/ directory.

3. Edit the config file, and change the domain to the new one you have. blahblah.com/forum/

4. Edit any necessary things in ACP once everything is working after you do the stuff above.


If you need help, feel free to shoot me a PM.

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9 minutes ago, Joy Rex said:

@TheHappenen Thanks for the reply - forum files are already in a /forum/ directory, so I'm assuming the forum.domain.com is being handled by a subdomain setup via my hosting, right?

Correct. If you have a forum.domain.com, it's going to be that subdomain. If you have a cPanel, you can edit them in there. Since the forum is already in /forum/ and it's using subdomain, you should just be able to delete that subdomain. 

You'll probably still have to edit the config file, and ACP settings, because it's using "forum.domain.com." 

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