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jQuery/JS libraries colliding question


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Took a cursory look at the code and I'm pretty sure I know the answer already but still worth an ask.

When you pull in jQuery/JS resources from plugins/apps you aren't checking for any matching file names and only loading one of them are you? My two second look says no.

So if one app author includes derp.min.js in an app and then a user grabs a plugin that coincidentally also uses and loads in derp.min.js they are both loaded right?

We're just about two years in now and I'm thinking eventually there are going to be collisions like this if there haven't been already. I know @Kevin Carwile released a js library thingy early on but adoption and such will always be a question. I'm wondering if the best way forward would be to just package up the js libraries needed separately as thier own plugin so they can be toggled on/off from the plugins page as needed. 

Half question, half thinking out loud...

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