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Commerce: Facebook Message Integration


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I really love Commerce and the IP Suite in general because it is an all-in-one solution.  Store/Support/Community in ONE software package is downright amazing.

For this reason, I'm highly reluctant to switch to some big name ecommerce solution PLUS a 3rd party helpdesk application, PLUS IPS4.

My only recourse then, is to suggest the addition of things I love about those other solutions, and hope they can be added to IPS4! ^_^

One thing 3rd party helpdesks can do that I wish Commerce's support module could do, is integrate with other services like Facebook.

e.g. Interacting with customers via Facebook Messenger, all through the Support module in the AdminCP of your IPS4 install:

- Customer sends your company's page a facebook message

- IPS4 recognizes this via some FB app/API, and sends the message to support in the form of a new ticket (or by some other hocus pocus, matches the FB user to an existing account and/or ticket)

- Replying to the ticket calls back out to FB and posts the reply to the FB message with the customer.


I'm sure this would definitely fall under the category of "easier said than done", but it is just another way IP.Commerce can improve and ultimately increase in value.

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On 16/8/2016 at 0:54 AM, Mark said:

Unfortunately, while Facebook has an API for reading messages, it does not have one for replying to them.

Hi Mark. Is this 100% confirmed?

As i know that other systems like CRM can reply to messages via FB API (i.e. a customer care agent replying via the CRM app directly on FB Page/Message)



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