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Since I needed to upgrade my Community to IPS4, I've been browsing the marketplace for hooks with features that could be helpful for me. 
I found out that some ideas don't seem to be covered by the community.  I decided to post them here in case someone thinks it's worth the time and the effort. Some ideas are recycled from IPS3, others are new ideas that some users have given me when they saw the new community. They are non essential for me, otherwise I would gladly pay for them. Howevers as mods, I'm sure I could pay for them.


#1 A warning for adult communities as a global splash window (specially for guests controlled by a cookie). But also for specific forums. This way, standard communities could have their own PG sections and Adult sections. User could receive a warning sign in a modal window only when they access the adult sections. Stating that they must be 18+. This could be also used as a disclaimer for the administrator; specially for forums that describe risky activities and the community owners want to enforce the disclaimers. 


#2 Elaborate a "Bump up" system that could be integrated with a cron system in the ACP. This way, for example, admins could set up different cron tasks to automatically bump up topics when they are away or during the week or month.  I like this mod https://invisionpower.com/files/file/7841-tb-bump-up-topics/    but I would like to have to possibility to bump up posts programming them inside the ACP . Imagine I want to program a bump for 1 topic next friday 09:00pm and another bump for the same topic or another topic next sunday 03:00pm  etc etc up to dozens of programmed bumps in different sections ...  You might think it's awkward, but it isn't since I could probably charge users for automatically bumping their topics. Specially when some topics ( like in my community ) are classifieds.


#3 A mod for the built-in advertising system that could allow to show up more than just 1 ad at the time. I have only been able to set up 1 ad for the upper section, 1 ad for the lateral panel on the website. If I ask my customers to have ads very short, for example, 120px height. I could set up a list 4 ads in a column for the side board. 


#4 There should be some kind of template system to add titles & descriptions to the gallery pictures automatically (within a template for example) based on categories. This way every time a user adds a picture, the system could automatically include the information the admins want to include in that section. As an option it should allow user to include in the description a selection of her/his profile fields: user name, field1, field2, about me etc. etc.  This could be done automatically or not.
For example, if I have a forum about running and sports,  Everytime a user adds his pictures, the system could retrieve from the profile fields his/her best marks and include them in the description of the picture. So you would see the pic and underneath the picture:  the user important information:  Name; Mile Best Time, 10k Best Time, Half Marathon Best Time etc... 
Another example, if I have a category for the New York Marathon race and I allow users to add pictures to that category,  I could set up for every picture that the name must start with a "2017 New York Marathon - " and another template for the description.  It would be also useful and interesting for SEO Activities. 


#5 Tags with pictures or Tagged Pictures. It's a simple concept (hard to explain) and I hope to make myself clear.  How about if I could define specific pictures to have a direct and always the same URL link when they are inserted into posts.  The idea is to have some kind of common gallery for mods or allowed users ( normally small or tiny pics ) and when a moderator inserts one of those pictures it includes a URL link instead of opening the lightbox. This link could be defined inside the ACP and would always be the same for that picture. The url link could be anything, but in my opinion, it is very useful to paste a picture in a post that links to the same related content. 

Imagine the common situation:  I write a topic that it is an article. I tag the topic with the tag: "mywebsite-news" for example. If I want to read more articles:  I need to click on the tag to see more content tagged the same. It's normally a grey tiny link close to the title and most users are unaware of the possibilities.  
BUT how about if also set up a picture in the ACP. The image of a "newspaper" and a set up a link to "www.mycommunityurl.com/index.php/tags/mywebsite-news/". Every Time a mod or allowed users inserts that picture, when clickable will be directed to the URL.
I could tag the topic the same way "mywebsite-news", but I could also paste the picture from the gallery at the top or the bottom of the 1st post.  Moreover, If I had an option to make tags invisible from the topic list and from the topic view in the forum sections, I could have a tag system inside the first post based on pictures instead of words. 

It would be specially useful for communities that require more than 5 tags per topic. Using too many tags is horrible in titles and forum views ... Making them invisible, but having all the tags based on clickable pictures at the beginning of each topic would be great.  Visual tags instead of written tags is the key. 


I hope to be helpful and give some ideas.
Thanks for reading. :sweat:




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Thank You Adam_S, yes.I was going to use but I dont know how it works with the mobile template.So I have been postponing the purchase. 


And I forgot number#6, which is an idea a user told me one day to help moderating forums. I like because it's clean and professional
How about if you could moderate a troll turning all his posts invisible except for him ? You could call the widget the "invisible troll". If you have a troll in the Community instead of banning him, make him invisible. You could hide all his posts automatically except for him. He would be able to write, see and read his own posts, but his posts would be invisible to the Community. The troll would be ignored since the Community would be unaware of his activity (they would never interact with him) and the troll would eventually leave. 

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32 minutes ago, gabs007 said:

And I forgot number#6,

Not good.

I'm a troll. As user I can see my posts. As guest I can't see troll's (my) posts.

On 12.08.2016 at 7:11 PM, gabs007 said:

#3 A mod for the built-in advertising system that could allow to show up more than just 1 ad at the time. I have only been able to set up 1 ad for the upper section, 1 ad for the lateral panel on the website. If I ask my customers to have ads very short, for example, 120px height. I could set up a list 4 ads in a column for the side board. 

Have you seen?


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