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Nexus anti-fraud rules ordering

Callum MacGregor

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Hi all

I have set up some anti-fraud rules for Nexus using Maxmind. However they don't seem to be working and I wondered was there a specific order they had to be in to work?

These are my current rules:



However when I attempt a test purchase using a billing address considerably different from my own, the payment gets accepted without a problem. I can see the transaction in Maxmind and it looks like it should have been held for approval, but wasn't:



I'm presuming I did something wrong somewhere?

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It seems like something might be wrong here, even when I set this rule up with nothing else the payment still gets approved:



I just made a payment with details that resulted in a minfraud score of 90.23 and it was allowed to go through. This has to be a bug surely?

This bug seems to describe my experience, but the suggested fix does not work - if indeed that is the cause of my issues.

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