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My understanding is video uploads fall into the same category as photo uploads....or as "images". I've tried to find out how to disable video uploads but keep photo uploads to no avail. So if you have enabled permissions for a particular Group to be able to Upload Images then they can upload videos and photos. Be careful if you have unlimited image size set because I had a Member upload several 100mb and one 800mb videos and almost crash my board with a data quota overload. I ended up setting a max size of 4mb and a 100mb max storage per members of that Group, which is very generous. This pretty much eliminated anymore video uploads since they aren't typically that small in size. Too bad since people have come to expect to load videos and photos these days like they do on....Facebook.

Also, uploaded MP4's, MOV's videos etc., which upload as attachments will not work or open and play on iPhones or iPads. The attached file is incompatible. They will open and play on Mac computers and PC's if appropriate video programs are installed. They will also open and play on Android devices, but not always.

Naturally videos can be posted by accessing the viable URL from YouTube or other video hosting sites, rather than being uploaded directly to board. This saves a ton of data space if you can convince your Members to do that.

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Couldn't you disallow the video MIME types to only allow image uploads?

As for video attachments not playing on mobile devices - if there was an HTML5 wrapper that would play the video like YouTube, mobile devices should be able to play that. There is a video player called JW Player that might be able to be integrated as an addon for this...

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