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Javascript based Styling? How to remove

Michael Wong_2251

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@Michael Wong_2251: That's most likely not something IPS applies, but a result of someone at an earlier point copy/pasting the description text from somewhere else into the WYSIWYG-editor for the description. Which caused it to also save formatting transferred from that other program or website. 

If that's the case, you could try the following in order to resolve it:

  • Go to edit the description for the forum
  • Select all of the text within the editor (CTRL+A) and copy it (CTRL+C)
  • Remove the selected text from the description (so it's empty)
  • Paste it in again, but unformatted this time (CTRL+SHIFT+V). Alternatively it should pop up a black overlay in the editor to remove formatting from the pasted text if you paste it in any other way
  • Save forum again


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