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Q: CName clarification and customize community url

Jennifer Taylor

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Hello, I'm new here.  I've spent a ton of time going through online documentation and the forum trying to figure out where/how to get started. 

I'm stuck on the cname step. 

  • My main site is at Squarespace. 
  • I've set up a CName over in Squarespace ( called community ) to go to my mysite.invisionzone.com
  • I'm using the HOSTED version of Invision Power Board on the monthly payment plan
  • The result I am looking for is two fold:
    • typing www.community.mysite.com  should pop visitors over to my invision power board set up where as www.mysite.com still goes to my Squarepace site.
    • when folks get redirected to my invision power board set up , it would be great if the URL they saw in the address bar was www.community.mysite.com  and not mysite.invisionzone.com

Any guidance you can provide would help me tremendously.  You only set these things up once and then forget about them.  Until they are set up though, it is frustrating to sort through.

Thanks so very much,


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