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2T187/2 error


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Hello ! ^_^

Some topics links return an error page with an 2T187/2 error code :


Sorry, there is a problem

Cannot find the page you requested

Error code: 2T187/2

Here is an example of a link which doesn't work :


How can I find out what is going wrong ?

I looked inside the database tables and I saw the topic and the posts as well as their content do exist.

Is there a solution ?

Thank you. ^_^


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Hello ! ^_^

I'm using the most recent IPB version. But IPS support has identified the problem : when I recently imported a database backup, it seemed like it corrupted the Emoji in the urls. Some emoji have become question marks and I need to edit the topics's title_ceo field in the database and remove the question marks so that the link works again.

 Now, I'm  looking for an easier solution...

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