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Need a tool for drop downs


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I am looking for a way that I can build a look up tool that works like this:


I select 1 from a drop down and then it gives me a-c in a second drop down and I can do this 5 drop down deep.  


I would like to see if this tool can plug into Forum builder and topic template system also.

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So if I use jquery & Ajax is that something I would have to code into the content or build plugin?  What would you charge for a plugin like that? If you did build a plugin, I would want it where the data could be used for all other plugins on the market and it would be searchable what ever content.

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See a toggle example:

			$form->add( new \IPS\Helpers\Form\Select( 'block_template_use_how', $useHow, FALSE, array(
					'options' => array(
						'use'	=> 	'block_template_use_how_use',
						'copy'	=>  'block_template_use_how_copy'
					'toggles' => array(
						'copy' => array( 'block_content' )
			), NULL, NULL, NULL, 'block_template_use_how' ) );

			$form->add( new \IPS\Helpers\Form\Editor( 'block_content', $this->content, FALSE, array(
				'app'         => 'cms',
				'key'         => 'BlockContent',
				'autoSaveKey' => 'block-content-' . ( $this->id ? $this->id : 'new' ),
				'attachIds'	  => ( $this->id ) ? array( $this->id ) : NULL ), NULL, NULL, NULL, 'block_content_editor' ) );

It means that if the user selects the option COPY on the first select field, will make the second to appear. But the second hasn't a dynamic content, that's why you need jquery + ajax to query the database and make the proper records appear. I never did it on IPS4, sorry.

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