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http and https (first step) (testing)

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Before switching from http to https we doing some test so, i want my Website to be accessible as well with http as https.

Currently the Website is working fine with http://recifalnews.fr, but with https://recifalnews.fr the webpages are not fully with https.

The ‘https’ page contains some menus and images url, for example, with the ‘http’ protocol. The page content is supposed to use the same protocol as the calling page : http when calling with http and https when calling with https. Another possibility is to have all the pages starting with / (without prococol or domain).

How to do have http & https working properly?

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another question about "topic" on forum, when people post them there is link and this links from internal (http://) will stay on topics so it will give a mixed security on browser.


his option will help for external link but for internal already present into forum post ? 


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