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Theme Modifications Workflow (PAID)


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We have our forum using a 3rd party developer's theme. We have customized the theme via the theme editor, as well as through CSS (unfortunately not in custom.css) and some of the HTML itself. 

After upgrading the IP.Board software a few weeks ago we found that we had to also upgrade the theme itself from the 3rd party. We got about 90% of the modifications added, but we don't want to have to keep doing this in such a manual way. 

We're looking for somebody who can basically go through and do a comparison between the stock theme and the customized version, and basically hand over two items:

a) A custom.css that will do as much as possible through CSS

b) A list of HTML customizations that we will need to make every time we upgrade a new version of the theme

We accept that for b) we may have to modify some of our HTML customizations if it conflicts with a new version of the stock 3rd party theme each time, for most cases a simple copy/paste will suffice. 

I've tried going through all this myself but I'm just having a hard time with it. At this point I'd be happy to pay to have it done by somebody, as long as the deliverable for it is something we can follow ourselves in the future.


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