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Improve image resizing


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Hey guys,

I am a newcomer from Burning Board 4.1 to IP.S and I am really happy here. I have some ideas how to improve the image resizing options in the IP.Suite that may be great for all of us.

Currently, you only have the options to change the alignment and the image size with two input fields. This is great if you want to do this more than one time, because the image should fit perfectly into your content (blog post, forum post, shop item description, etc.).

I was a long time user of Burning Board and what I really miss here is the feature to adjust the size of images how I want, really quick. Let me give you an example.


My idea:

Add the feature you've seen above to the image adjustment settings (we know this from many things like Photoshop and even Microsoft Word or Pages) / the editor, but please keep the options we have now. A combo with both is really great and I am sure many users would love it. It's really great if you have long content paragraphs to make the image fit perfectly into the content.


Let me know, what you think!

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