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Loading an External Website Inside ISP Pages


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I need to know if this is possible. I want to know if I can have some kind of frame in pages to let users browse a website which is in another domain. For example, to let them read my blog inside my community.

I'd like an option  where users can browse my wordpress site inserted in my community. I'd like that to be completely transparent. I don't want users to leave my community, I want them to read it without missing the top menu of my community or my side blocks with publicity.

Example, I could create a menu called:  "My blog" in my Community. This would open a php page with a block on the right with the "latest threads", for example, and a main frame showing my wordpress blog, for example linked to an url:  mypersonalblog.com/blog/  

Is it possible ? or is there any hook or widget for that ?  Can it be done with some kind of advanced php template ?

Help appreciated. 
Thank you


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I agree. I was trying to simplify the question. It's not so simple.

I have an agreement with 2 websites to share information, like blog posts and classifieds etc.
I need to share and show other websites to my users with specific content, but I don't want them to leave my url. 


I was hoping some kind of hook made with Pages would exist. if not I'd like to know if it is possible to code something, even paying for it.

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