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Is there a way to make an activity stream which just shows all the new topics, like the recent topics sidebar but then all of them.

when i set the option "show me" to "content items only" and "content type" to "topics" I still get results like user X replied to topic Y. With a large forum it's hard to see what all the new topics are since it's mostly filled up with stuff like replies and i have to scroll a lot to find new topics. I miss the view new content from IPB3

Thanks in advance



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32 minutes ago, Charles said:

Try clicking condensed view.

Hey Charles, thanks for your reply. That collapses it a bit, but still shows all the replies. My first 10 items are already "Member x replied to topic Y".

Is it possible that the "show me" option is bugged? When i select "Content items, comments, and reviews" it shows a few replies more on topics than when on "Content items only". But nothing is special about the replies/topics.

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2 hours ago, Charles said:

Can you take a screenshot or link the URL to your feed here?

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 00.10.08.png


example from this forum itself, I want it to only show "X posted a topic in Y", without all the "Member X replied to Y". That way i have a clean overview of all the new topics created since my last visit. Do you know if there is a way to do that?

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