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change for indefart strings

Invision Board France

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I notice that you will make a change for indefart strings in the next release. But I have a question with this change: how do you manage the article type?

If I take your example:

  •  '__indefart_topic' => "a topic",
  •  '__indefart_answer' => "an answer to a question",
  •  '__indefart_question' => "a question",

In french, it gives:

  • un sujet
  • une réponse à une question
  • une question

So how do you manage the choice of "un" or "une" ?

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I *think* from the context of the original bug report that these strings will be used in sentences such as "%s responded to %s's [topic/post in a topic/question/answer to a question] in %s".

If this is correct, then I think you'll need to add the indefinite articles yourself so that the finished sentences make sense for French, since you need them in that construction where English doesn't. I wouldn't be worried that it seems a duplication of the indefart strings. That's just a coincidence because of how the sentence is formed in French (a répondu à [un sujet/une réponse à une question] de %s dans %s). Many other languages (including English, because of the apostrophe-s) need a form which differs from the usual indefart one.

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