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Turn off / Change notification sound


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Almost a year ago, some people here in the forums asked for functions to turn off the notification sounds and / or change them. A few of these questions:

I have the following suggestions:

  1. Extend the notification settings in the ACP with an option to turn down notifications sounds globally or on the users choice (as we have this for notifications on the page or mail or both)
  2. Give the user the things he needs to down the sound himself in the notifications settings page in the frontend. -> Okay, I overlooked the option we have at the moment. That's great, thanks for this!
  3. Optional: Give the administrator some things to set a sound they want to do there. Could be great for christmas days as an example to bring something like bells in there - I think the community would have great ideas on it. It helps to make your own community a little more your own.

Is there something we can expect in the near future or something else you could provide to the community?


Thank you,

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