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Need Plugin to add features to IPAnnouncements- PAID


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we are seeking for a plugin that will all features to  the existing announcements feature of ipb

(The announcements option that is available at the MODcp)

to additionally 

a) not let them collapse while showing to the member  i.e. the member doesnt have to click on it to see the html  (permanent setting)

b) be dismissible from the member / or not      (check box)

c) add the options to have the announcement  appear:

-once per visit  (checkbox) or all the time (checkbox)
-if the member has  X  posts or
- hasnt logged in in x days      
-appear only if   x announcement is not shown .  You check  the announcment name that you want to be previously shown from adropdown dynamic list of existing announcement names)   (this will chain the announcements to show one after another after every session ). 

-remove avatar picture of member posting the announcement. 

if it helps, vbulletin 3.8 has this and its named "forum notice"

 is there someone to make such a plugin ? we are willing to pay for it  - i wouldnt know really how much to offer, ?

how much would be good, unfortunately have no idea! ??

(I reposted this because the previous title was maybe misleading as to the  possible simplicity of the request! please excuse me if you consider this wrong)


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adam would you also pay for this?  

lets make some incentive perhaps for someone to do it... ? 

i need it asap ... but there doesnt seem to be any interest...  i wonder if its because its something easy, 

that is not worth any money paying for, 

or because it is too difficult? / not possible?  

I would appreciate ANY comment ! 




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a small clarification.   

we need this paid plugin to be added at the announcements feature,  because the things posted, will be edited there .   you can add text, link, tracking pixel there, save and post your announcement. 

why it needs to not collapse?  because users do not click unless they have to - we need to inform our users about legal things, or sponsored ngo events, and need to be able to show how many times something has been show, ie. track it.  

We have to show our users something in text form that has to be shown. so, the announcement has to appear as is and not collapsed.

.. anyone with experience in tracking clicks will tell you a very small percentage will click on an announcment that is collapsed. 
If you are obliged to show your members something, then a collapsed announcement will not do... 

our announcements are not something that involves only/ mainly readymade html  images/banners,   so its not  workable to do it via the advertisements,

(those will be used for real advertisments anyhow)

and its not something that can be solved via the existing plugin another member proposed,  ( the slider ) for example, because this only takes  1 image and 1 link, i.e. no pixel tracking, no actual editable text area. ..

to give you an idea,  we have sponsored nonprofit for-free seminars for breastfeeding that need to be shown, once per visit  or once per trimester, to expecting mothers section, 

we have legal announcment about defamation or wrong medical advertising, that has to be shown once per visit to members visiting the doctors /medical section.    we have public state annoucnement about schools opening and deadlines for parents to submit papers at the school age children.. 


there are tens of such annoucements made  each couple of months. 

its insane to mix them with the normal banners, and its impossible to implement this in any existing paid plugin or paid feature available on ipb... 

can anyone help? ......!! 



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