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Google Page Level Ads for 4.1


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Where and how do you place Google's new page level ads?  They want them only on the mobile skins and inside the <head> tag.

Can it just be placed inside the ad system using this as a template?

<div class="ipsResponsive_showPhone ipsResponsive_block">
    <!-- Mobile Advertisement -->

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On 7/11/2016 at 7:02 PM, jackflash said:

Easy.  I'll post something up on this for others to do.

Hello ! can you please post if it works so that we can follow? am about to do it too. 

(for anchor ones only, not vigniette, i absolutely hate the way this is taking over the users screen! have you tried both? what viewabilities do you get with them ? )

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I tried it and it worked. 

my IT added this phrase    


Replace "custom_name_here" with whatever key you used.

    at the global template

i created a new advertisement     with the custom   placement      which was the same as in the phrase "custom_name_here"   (without the quotes for all newbies)  

and put inside the advertisement, the code you get from your adsense user interface,   via page - level ads. 

thats all. the new page level ads are nice the user can slide it away or close it

when i get to the place to find where you can see the statistics and results of that placements i will post again! 


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