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How to reset all forum member's reputation to 0?


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Hi all,

I've migrated from vBulletin 4.x to IPS and I need to do afresh start for all members (all groups). So, I need to reset the reputation levels of all users to 0. How can I do it? I can't find any option in ACP or with any third-party app in Marketplace. Somebody please guide me how to do that? If there is a need execute some MySQL query, I'm happy to do that.

P.S. IPS support said they can't tell us any such option via MySQL query since nothing in this regard has been tested by them.



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You could always do something like this in MySQL:

UPDATE `database`.`core_members` SET  `pp_reputation_points` =  '0';

This isn't a complete wipe, but it will do what you're asking. ^_^ You'll need to clear the forum cache afterwards through the Support tool. I tested it on my account and my profile said that my reputation was "0" immediately.

It may also benefit you to wipe ("truncate") the "core_reputation_index" table.

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46 minutes ago, Peter Sowerby said:


Is there a way, we can reset/remove Member Titles of all members? Reason why we've revamped the forum structure and want the titles to be renewed. An SQL query will be helpful.

Hm, maybe this would help?

UPDATE `database`.`core_members` SET  `member_title` = '';


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