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Recount and Rebuild? Why not?

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In every previous version this was an option.  How do you remove old orphaned attachments, old emoticon shortcuts that are reused.  Recount peoples posts when they were deleted or the threads.  Or just about any other feature that was in every previous version, I mean even in 2.0 it was there.  I dont understand why such a key detrimental thing like recount and rebuild has been removed.

Please bring this back as it helps keep boards free of OLD images, old avatars, and just about everything else

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15 hours ago, GlenP said:

4.3 you just go into any member's page

TIL. I hadn't realized it was there now. While I don't think it is bad to have recount appear there (since it is an obvious place for the recount to appear for an individual user), I think the mass recount feature should _also_ be in the Support section, since that is where most of the "I have an issue" tools now reside. The way it is listed in each user's ACP area makes the feature impossible to find, since you basically have to click what you think is only going to rebuild one user's count to finally be shown the rebuild all users option.

Even the search feature for that, although it links you to the member list says:


The search result is a per-members setting.

and that wording, grammatically incorrect as it is, suggests you can only adjust it on a per-member (single user) basis.

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Too many people would use and abuse these tools. The smallest bug would be propagated across every post and would be essentially irreparable short of a full DB restore. 

No matter how many warnings you give admins, they'd still run the tools when they shouldn't and create both a support headache and many unhappy relationships. 

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This is the case if content with file attachments is deleted normally.

For whatever other reason if there are files (attachments etc) not related to current content as I have with files leftovers from the upgrade from 3.x to 4.x me /uploads folder ended up almost double-sized (I think something went wrong with the upgrade back then). That is a big problem as the folder is 12G and the duplicates are almost 4G from 3.x since then. So there is an issue with this.

There is a need for a tool that will locate unused files (not registered in current IPB db as content attachments) in /uploads folders and either delete them or at least move them to a temp location for further investigation, cleaning up /uploads from redundant files.

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