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Anyone here on honest-to-god true shared hosting? Not a VPS, dedicated, or IPS CIC. I need a test site for something on the ACP side of things but it has to be shared hosting. Won't break anything with your site at all. 

If you feel like giving a hand, shoot me a pm with site address and acp credentials (username/pw) so I can install and check some stuff out.


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The next release will include a translatable field for the forum stats feature.

When you turn on topic count as a forum stat, it returns the number of topics within a forum. The languge variable for that actually is a variable key itself. 

{!# [1:topic][?:topics]}

That code says if the number 1 is passed to this langauge key, then display the word "topic". Any other number (0, 29, 456, whatever) then display the word "topics"

If you have more than one language installed, without this translatable field you are stuck with those English words. Or, you could translate them in the langauge file but it would be the same for all of your installed languages.

IPS includes a translatable form helper to tackle this problem. In the next version of KS you'll see this:


If you have just a single language installed, just leave the toggle off and it will be business as usual. If English isn't your single installed language just go and edit the langauge key in the usual spot. I've left the regular language key in place. When you do toggle this on KS will use separate translatable language key/s instead. 

When you first enable this setting you must paste that language variable code into each of the language fields and then change the words topic and topics to what you need them to be in each respective language. And save of course. If you make a syntax error the word key will not work. The langauge key posted above and also right there in the description text in the plugin is correct. Just try again until you paste it in right.

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I recently bought your plugin a few days ago and currently playing witth it. I think it is very useful customization tools for any community admin. Thank you for developed this plugin. :thumbsup:

I would like to report one bug I found on your plugin; I found that the option to enlarge member profile's cover picture is not working on mobile / tablet view. It is also produce a strange behavior when attepmted to view member's activity as well. Please see attached screenshot for more info. Thank you.



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Looks like something has changed with a recent version. At keast I think it did, 95% sure I wouldn't have missed this when I made this.

Seems like it's hooked into a javascript controller now, which is adjusting the positioning on screen width. So, blah... gonna be a bit.

EDIT: Nope, something else going on, still be a bit to fix...

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Been sitting on some junk for awhile (other work had me elsewhere). While I've got a few I'll be working on an update to KS tonight.

I think I'll get the better styled follow buttons in place. This also has the long time done but never released fix for the usermenu conflicts some have been having.

Also, better handling of dual stats on forum views. Basically once you get into the five digit range for both stats or higher, formatting breaks. This will "fix" it but I'll probably have to add in few settings for you to adjust the width of that area manually for edges cases. That or just tell you the css to add.

For those of you not following my work closely I've recently updated Spacious ACP. Much improved and it includes Spacious Widgets. You might want you some of that...


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I'm glad to hear that you have an update plan for this plugin. :thumbsup: Format fix for the forum's dual stat is highly recommended, as I have to use Friendly Number Format plug-in from Mike John to resolve its consistency whle handling long digit. Prevent shrinking profile's cover photo on moview view issue that I reported earlier is also need a fix but I can wait for that.


Also recommended Spacious ACP for anyone. It's the best ACP dashboard widgets ever and you will gonna love it. ;)

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On 10/1/2016 at 10:29 PM, Foolboy said:

I would like to report one bug I found on your plugin; I found that the option to enlarge member profile's cover picture is not working on mobile / tablet view. It is also produce a strange behavior when attepmted to view member's activity as well. Please see attached screenshot for more info.

Looking at this now. It seems fine on profile view but when you tab over to the user's activity feed it bugs out.

EDIT: Fixed. Gonna look at other stuff and see if I want to add anything else before release.

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Hey, I've been really happy with the plugin.

Recently, I purchased another plugin to promote posts to articles. When Kitchen Sink is enabled, the link from the other plugin does not appear. (it is in the Quote/Edit/MultiQuote area).

Is there any way these two plugins could ever be compatible? Or is there a way I could turn off just this part of KS so that I could have that other link appear? I have not made any modification to that section with KS anyways.



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Feature suggestions:

  • In the postbit, offer a toggle to swap the text "Quote" and "Edit" with fa-icons.  This can offer a more elegant and iconographic approach towards those actions, while condensing the text.

Quote and Editor.JPG

  • Swap out the Mark Forum As Read 'fa-check' icon with another icon (preferably something of admin's choice, where I can input my own fa-icon).  It's a generic icon that's used for followers as well.  Actually, maybe even offer my own fa-icon for followers too (like fa-users).  

Mark Forum As Read.JPG

  • Add Mark Forum As Read to forum index and category index, to be consistent with board index.  One of my major pet peeves with IP.Board's approach towards marking forum as read is that they have two very different methods: when you're in a forum, you click on the Mark Forum As Read; when you're in the forum or category index, you click on the board's thumbnail.   
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The plug-in currently breaks the setting for the number of record on the page in "Pages" application. 

Example:  http://www.bmw2002faq.com/models/

I have the number of records in the database set to 24, but it shows 25.  I thought that the setting for the number of topics affects this, but it does not. If Kitchen Sink is active the number of records in the DB listing is set to 25. When it is disabled, the number follows the setting in the Database

Thanks for the help

steve k.

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Kitchen Sink 11 Released!

Should fix most of the stuff that needs fixing. Back when IPS 4.0 was released one of the first things I threw out into the Marketplace was a derpy little thing that allowed you to adjust the number of topics displayed (or files displayed) when viewing a forum or downloads category as IPS had for reasons unknown hardcoded it to 25 and had no setting to adjust it. 

IPS finally got around to sticking that setting in natively a version or two ago, and now with the Leaderboard this old code now conflicts. I should probably remove the free plugin from the Marketplace, as it is, jsut removing it from KS will solve that problem.

This should fix the months old dual avatar display bug that occurred for some in the userMenu.

Also when displaying dual stats (topic count and post count) I *think* it's better but not all the way there yet. I might not have folded those fixes into this dev build though. Yell at me if not.

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I just updated your plugin but I found that the dual avatar display bug still exist. I have to comment this line on core>front>global>userBar of the Theme's HTML and CSS template in order to fix it.

		<li id='cUserLink'>
			<!-- {template="userPhoto" group="global" app="core" params="\IPS\Member::loggedIn(), 'tiny'"} -->
			<a href='#elUserLink_menu' id='elUserLink' data-ipsMenu>
				{{if isset( $_SESSION['logged_in_as_key'] )}}{lang="front_logged_in_as" sprintf="$_SESSION['logged_in_from']['name']"} {{endif}}{member="name"} <i class='fa fa-caret-down'></i>

Also, my previous reported issue on the member profile's cover picture is not working on mobile still occurring on this new version. Thank you.

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