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Totally off topic.

But I do think a Totalitarian vs Libertarian debate regarding the political leanings of certain plugins would be totally fascinating.  Like iAwards by @-RAW- is such a capitalistic pig for grossly incenticizing performance, or Account Deletion by @Adriano Faria is totally like the Anarchists who can destroy society.  Clearly a great political debate rages on in the Marketplace.

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Regarding support: You are naturally well within your rights to not allow the author access to your community, either a login or filesystem access etc.

However you must bear in mind that this will limit their ability to help you if they have a need for access. This is not dissimilar to say requesting 'official' support via the Client Area for say a Gallery problem but not providing any form of access to said site.

Its obviously your call if you wish to allow the author or not, all I can say is as I've already put it does limit their options to assist without being able to 'see' the problem first hand.

One option here is perhaps if you can duplicate this issue is to setup a 'test site' and when the issue is present there, provide access to that ? ^_^

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Using Haze as a test bed, and Tom tells me that all his themes are riff's on the same core theme so this should apply to all of them, here's what doesn't "worK" with KS:

Unread Content and Mark Site Read links. In the default IPS theme they are in the breadcrumb. In these themes they've been moved. So the the toggle to turn them off won't work. You can add them to the user menu though (need to add a small css call to better format them there) and you can also just add css to display: none the links on the page itself if you do move them to the user menu. Might be "fixable" with some changes to KS. I'll look later.

As exepcted, the follow button changes are a no go. They've been changed into a circle thing and moved. You can move the follow button to the comment control line where the other buttons live but all that does is add the follow template there, and since that is now a circle thing that is what appears there, and of course, KS can't remove the circle thing that already is there next to the title as it is no longer where it is exepcted to be to remove it.

Create menu. All good except you need to add a line of css to change the icon size if you swap out the create menu line for an icon.

That's it. The rest appears to be good to go.

Here, userbar, no create menu at all (the pencil is for theme options), seps removed, user menu link just the user avatar. Might need a line of css to adjust the spacing on the right in this particular scenario. That's it though.


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I have 2 suggestions.

1st idea is to add access rights to the 'quote' feature. There are tons of newbies that abuse it for some reason that leads to overquoting. I'd like to enable the feature to the privileged users only and administration team will not waste their time to cleaning posts.

2nd one is to change report post link (that is moved to the options menu) in mobile view. I'd like to have regular link instead of flag here:

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I'll add the flag fix to my list.

I'll have to think about the quote feature though. I actually recommend hiding that link altogether (does KS do that? Maybe I should do that if KS doesn't let you hide it already)

IPS already has the highlight text to quote feature, which you can use repeatedly in the same post and in other posts (the jQuery just keeps grabbing highlighted text and sticking it into the new post editor). It is a FAR superior quote function that forces users to not spam entire posts over and over again.


Only problem are mobile users that want to quote. Could always just show the quote button on phone view though.

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Spotted a tiny bug on one of my dev sites. When an update warning is splashed across the top of the page and you have not enabled the pulsating icon feature for these update warnings, KS somehow spashes in an extra div which breaks a single bit of CSS. That, unfortunately, is the top of the page header background stuff (the blue bar across the top of the page on the defualt theme)

For now, just turn on and leave on the pulsating upgrade announcements thing; I'll get this patched soon.

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