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Not sure if this has been mentioned yet, but my Plugin continually resets all custom values every time that:

  1. A new plugin is installed.
  2. A new plugin is uninstalled.
  3. An update is applied to IPB

I'm kind of getting annoyed that I have to re-apply the settings each time when any of the above happens. Do you have an idea what might cause this kind of behavior?



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None, other than a few versions back this was a known problem with IPS settings (should be resolved). The plugin just uses the standard IPS save form settings routine; I do nothing out of the ordinary anywhere in that regard.

Current version (IPS and KS)?

Though, if you haven't already, uninstall KS, hit the support tool to clear caches, then install again and see if it clears up.

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Hi @All Astronauts I've bought Kitchen Sink mainly to move the "Mark Site Link" to the user menu, and that's fine. Now, is there a way of achieving that without touching the streams I have in the breadcrumb?

You see, I had removed "Mark Site Read" completely already, and there I have 3 other streams instead. So basically is there a way to make your script do the work in the user menu but not interfering with the current links in the breadcrumb. I looked among the templates to see if there was one replacing the breadcrumb template but didn't find one.

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Yeah, just now. For convenience I did this by pulling most of the structure there. To clean it up I'll need to break open one of the KS settings into two separate ones now, and then account for it in the code/css.

This will kick out with the 4.3 compatible release.

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That options menu Cog Wheel stuff is a nightmare to deal with (I'd have to write a paragraph or two to explain it...) involving permissions checks that have to be added and 3rd-party application hooks into this area being over-written by KS and no easy way around it. I've made a few specific app fixes but honestly it's more trouble than it's worth (and none of them move things into the options/cogwheel bit - they make sure they are stuck in there at the bottom.)

I'm strongly considering pulling some things out of the KS plugin and sticking them in an application to tackle some of these problems. In this case it would literally be just a single hook for this forum post menu bit, and you would have to drag the application to right after the Forums app in the app list. That way, it would let you move the edit and quote buttons into the options menu, and change it into cog wheel if you like, but would cause zero conflicts with any other 3rd party stuff. No 3rd party stuff would appear in the options menu though, there is no real way to handle that at all, at least on my end.

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  • 1 month later...

How odd... They have a full editor up for that field, which is why I have to warn about the clown car aspect of this if you include images and so on, but there is no font color on the editor.

If you feel like it, submit a support request and ask why the the color options aren't available on that editor. A cursory look at the code seems to show it should just pull whatever buttons you have up on the editor everywhere. EDIT: This is all editors in the ACP. Hmmm, dare I waste more time looking...

That said, so close...

.ks_catDescs p {
    color: red;

Just need a space and a p

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Kitchen Sink 22 Released!

  • Format internal embeds - author header, image block, add border.
  • Searchlight patched up for a specific FURL conflict, totally rewritten, and now can be toggled on/off in settings.
  • CSS file renamed to aa_ks.css pushing it to the first postion (or close to it) in your COMPILED custom css.
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