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Require customer's real name and Billing Address

Ilya Hoilik

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I'm about 'Require customer's real name and Billing Address when' setting.

  1. Allow us to disable only real name, or only billing address.
  2. 'Purchasing physical products will always require a name, billing address and shipping address.'
    Why? There is no such thing as 'billing address' in Russia. We have only 'shipping address' even for physical products.

Thanks in advance!

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1 hour ago, MADMAN32395 said:

Toggle off what you don't need. And have your product set as non-physical

I know this setting. Maybe I described this wrong in the first post, but I want disable only billing address (not real name) for physical products. And I cannot do this. In post-Soviet countries there is no 'biling address' concept. We have to provide only shipping address when purchasing something in internet stores. And billing address is really annoying us. I cannot understand why there is one setting both for real name and billing address. Real name is required by almost all stores, but billing address is not.

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