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25 Threads per Forum - The New Maximum


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I used to have 50 Threads per Forum, and also 50 Posts per Thread. 

With IPB 4.X, the maximum setting is now 25 Threads per Forum.

My thoughts about this can be found in this explanatory post for our members - I went ahead and changed them both to 25 for a consistent look-and-feel, but I strongly preferred having them both at 50. I'm writing this post in the hopes that the development team will consider it for future versions.


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This is really bad news. Maybe ok for this IPS forum, but we have forums with up to 100 updated topics a day. Cannot expect members to flip 4 pages to read them all...

Ryan, really hope you will consider this to be an ACP configurable option.

If not, what is the reason behind making this a fixed value?

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