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Intermittent image attachment failure from iOS


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I have an issue that I think only affects iOS devices. Our server and usergroup are set to allow 10meg attachments, and I can upload these via Chrome desktop and Chrome android just fine. However, iOS users are occasionally encountering an error: There was a problem processing the uploaded file. 200

This doesn't affect every image, nor does the size of the attachment seem to matter. Known affected devices are: iPhone 6, latest iOS 9, Safari. Multiple users are affected, but I do not know their specific iOS configuration. Affects both wifi and cellular data transfers.

Anyone else encountering this? I've asked users to disable any OS level ad blockers, and we checked to see if they had reached their attachment limit.

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I meant to raise this as a bug. I believe it relates to specific EXIF data applied by iOS. If I take an image which cannot be uploaded and attempt to strip the EXIF metadata in Win 7, it fails on "altitude". Using an online tool to strip all metadata, the file attaches to a post just fine. I think that if both the forum and Win 7 are failing to process that bit of metadata, therein lies the problem.

Now, what I'm unsure of is if this is due to server components (e.g., GD Library) that need updating, or if it's actually a bug.

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