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How Can I Get the Page Location ID?

Brian A.

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Want to display some content on globalTemplate, but I am currently stuck on how can I get the page ID.

I know this code is for displaying to pages only, but I need to know how can I get the page ID to only show on that page that I specify.

{{if $location['app'] == 'cms' and $location['module'] == 'pages' and $location['controller'] == 'page'}}
	Content here

If anyone knows how to do this, please reply below.

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Never mind, I did some searching on the community.

In case someone else trying to solve this, add this piece of code at the end of my code:

\IPS\Request::i()->path == 'LOCATION HERE'

Where it says "location here", you will put your location path of where you want the code to be at.

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