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Questions and suggestions for Tags


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1. After removal of the tags in the admin panel, they are still saved in the forum topics. Then I have to go into each topic and delete tags there. It is not comfortable.

2. I need to sort the tags, for example, by popularity or alphabetically. I do not understand by what logic is now displayed tags in the theme.

3. Forum supports multiple languages, but tags are not support! We need that each tag to display in multiple languages (if forum at the same time two or three language versions) to the english version tags are in english, in russian version - in russian, etc.

4. I can not edit existing tags. If you made a mistake or want to change the tag, then this can not be done, you need to delete the old tag, and create a new one. It is very uncomfortable, especially if the tag already attached to a variety of topics.

5. Uncomfortable select tag in the topic if there is a lot of tags. We need to show a larger list of tags, or use autocomplete (as in livejournal.com, for example):

6. I will have many tags (maybe hundreds), and when a lot of them, they look strange in the admin panel. Maybe field for the tag should extend right?
7. Tags understand comma in the english keyboard, but, for example, a comma their russian keyboard forum not understand.

8. In the Ukrainian language, many words using the apostrophe, but the forum forbids this symbol. It is very uncomfortable, because I was planning to write tags in the ukrainian language.

P.S. I apologize for possible duplicates (if any questions/suggestions have already written) and my poor knowledge of English ^_^

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