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Embedded links loading forever

Joel Bodenmann

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When I copy-paste a link to another forum, article, download item or similar in the text editor when writing a new piece of content the link gets automatically embedded. This means that instead of a plain link a neat box is displayed that gives more information about the linked content.
My problem is that the embedded content shows up just fine in the editor but as soon as I finish editing and publish the article it just loads forever. Then I hit the edit button again but in the editor the embedded content is still loading forever. I remove it, re-link it and it looks just fine in the editor again. Then I publish the article and the same thing happens: It loads forever.
I have a chance of about 1:20 that after editing (re-inserting the link) it actually shows up in the published content.

I'd be thankful for any kind of help. This drives me crazy.

I'm running IPS Community Suite v4.1.12.3

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