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IP Content Install help.

Stephen Fortin

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So I just purchased the upgrade of IP Content for my site. I bought it then downloaded the new files (the entire IPS suite download) from my client area, uploaded them FTP.

I went to admin/upgrade thinking that that was where i needed to go to install the new pages. When I went there it said there was nothing to install and exited the upgrader.

I then went into applications and pages. There was pages wasnt installed but was available to install, so I installed it.

My issue is there is no pages tab on the side of the ACP (see below images).



I also have the pages blocks on the actual site. See below.


Im not sure where I went wrong but I have no where to edit databases, css and pages ect in the admin CP. Any ideas or help would be greatly apprecaited!


Thanks guys! site is www.prorp.net

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