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Open a topic for sell my license: topic disappear! great ips


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topic link: https://invisionpower.com/forums/topic/430696-i-sell-my-expired-license/

open in:



General Chit Chat

Feel free to join in, mingle and discuss whatever you want!


Feel free to join etc... open a topic for sell my expired license and try to recovery a part of money spent with ips is a great problem?

No a message, no a notification! Simply disappeared.


IPS send message to "renew etc", but if an user decide to go away cannot more access nor write in this community also for sell this product?



If this is your (bad) style, i go with my (bad) style. No problem.


For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction...

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In ToS is a section about this



Your license to use the Software and Services is subject to the following terms, conditions and restrictions on use:

  • You may alter and modify the Software’s source code for Your use, subject to this Agreement, however, you may not distribute, publish, resell, or otherwise share the Software or derivative works based on the Software without prior express written consent from IPS.
  • You may not utilize the Software or Services to engage in, facilitate, or otherwise allow others to engage in any activity that violates any law or regulation or the terms and conditions within this Agreement.
  • You are solely responsible for complying with all governmental regulations and policies. You agree to indemnify Us from any loss, action or damage arising from Your failure to use the Software in a manner inconsistent with applicable legislation.
  • You may not remove any copyright or proprietary notices on or within the software’s source code at any time. A copyright removal license may be purchased to remove the public display of the Software’s publicly displayed copyright notice.




You may not rent, lease, sell, share or authorize or temporarily assign your rights to the license or this Agreement to another individual or entity except as expressly permitted herein.

  • You may, after six months from the original purchase date, permanently transfer your licensing rights and interest in this Agreement to a third party, provided the license is active and in good standing. Any transfer and reassignment must occur via the mechanisms provided within the invisionpower.com client area and all applicable fees must be paid for the reassignment to be considered valid.
  • You agree to provide this Agreement in its entirety to the assignee prior to reassignment and the assignee must agree to be bound to the terms of this Agreement.
  • You acknowledge that account and non license specific materials and purchases, including, but not limited to: account credits and third party (“marketplace”) add-ons and purchases are non-transferrable under any circumstances.
  • We reserve the right to refuse or reject reassignment at our sole discretion.

I think that's why they removed your topic.

Source: https://invisionpower.com/legal/standards

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  • Management

We sell new, factory-fresh licenses - this isn't a flea market. :) Respectfully, I'm not sure why one would think this is the appropriate place to sell a second-hand license. It's akin to parking your used car on the lot of a Ford dealership and expecting that to be ok. 

Though from our experience, third party transfers rarely go well, we're still not opposed to them and in fact provide a system to allow you to transfer them. You simply need to select a different medium to advertise them. It's just not appropriate here. 

As for the topic - my apologies, after checking, it was reported and someone removed it and didn't notify you. 

If you have further concerns, I'd suggest contacting us via appropriate methods. This isn't a place to debate moderation policy, I'm afraid. 




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