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Drag and drop uploader not loading


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I am having some problems with the drag and drop uploader, both in topics and in gallery. It seems that HTML5 uploader for some reason is not loaded and fallbacks to the standard uploader, which also does not seem to work. Currently, the board is in translation mode, could this be related? Here are some screenshots. 

Topic reply, old uploader can be seen:

24-06-2016 14-37-02.png

This is from gallery, again the uploader is not loaded and even when you upload a file, the Continue button is grayed out:

24-06-2016 14-38-09.png


24-06-2016 14-38-45.png


On one computer with latest Chrome it seems to work correctly, but on two others it doesn't.

I would submit a ticket, but it is still on a test server...

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