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Shared hosting to dedicated (receiving error)

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Hello all, 

I have recently moved my forum to a dedicated server from a shared provider. Everything is going well when it comes to moving all my contents, however, i get an error after i have imported my database. 

I have attached a picture with error that i am getting. 

I also made sure that the mysql version i installed on the dedicated machine was newer than the one i was coming from. 

Any insight on this is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.




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That error can be caused by incorrect database credentials.

When moving to a new server, the database name, user, and password will (almost always) change, and you'd need to put the corrected values into the conf_global.php file.

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That value really doesn't have a "default", since it's Operating System dependent, but this is the most common one I've seen (and which I use on my own server):


I'd also suggest downloading the compatibility checker, here:

to make sure all the requirements are met.

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