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BLOCK no showing up

Allen Bradford

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I decided to add the Popular Now/Topics to my Sidebar/Blocks area. The Block moves there but says. "The Block can not be shown....configuring...show after reloading page..." etc. Ive refreshed, closed and opened Board etc and its blank on Home page. Other Blocks moved there are fine like stats, and calendar.



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Thank you Nathan.

I found the ACP Topics/Popular Now settings and tried various configurations and still no Popular Now block will show up.

My board isn't a screamer but is plenty active. Any suggestions of what I can try for these fields:

? posts in the last...

? Minutes, or ? Never

? posts per page.



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That would be your call entirely - you've stated "board isn't a screamer" so what kind of activity would you define as popular.......x number of posts in the last y number of minutes? For testing, set it to 1 posts in the last 15 minutes.....and then post in a topic. Allow a little while just in case the bloick is cached (I don't know if it is)

Also....? posts per page has nothing to do with the 'Popular Now' settings.

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