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Two suggestions for Commerce

Gabriel Torres

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Below my questions and the answers the support team gave me.

1. How do I disable a product? I could only find an option to delete a product, not to disable it completely. I don't want to delete as I might want to re-add the product in the future.
There is no way in which to disable a product at the present time as such. You could however change the amount to 0, which would make this show as out of stock.
2. Is there a way to place a product that is actually sold by another website? For instance, we want to add some books with links to Amazon.com for buying, so the selling and checkout process would be disabled for those products, I just want to show an image and description with a link to another website for the user to buy.
Unfortunately this is not something which is available within the current product.

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You can kind of do it though.

Just create the item however you want, at the top (or bottom) of the item description paste in a link to the Amazon product (just the link text or make a fancy buy-me-at-Amazon image and wrap the image with the url. 

Set the number in-stock to 0 but naturally leave the product to be displayed in the store.

They will still see the checkout junk on the side but it won't let them buy through Commerce as the quantity is 0..

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