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posting code, no scroll bar


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As my site posts a lot of scripts or codes, it seems that IPB have dropped the ball on a small item that seems to be on all over boards.

As reported in support, there is NO scroll bar for code. Means if a long guide with code added, you have to scroll down loads of the page and post to view it.

Other sites i`m on has the code in a nice box inside the post with the scroll bar.

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I think this would be more of a personal preference than an error on our part. Personally speaking, I'd find code in a scrolling box more difficult to browse.

It'd be pretty easy to change this in your theme if you wanted to do that, though ^_^ 

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well the guy i spoke to on support agrees with me about this


Unfortunately there is no scrollbar added on the IPS software when you post up code. It would however be worth posting this up as a suggestion within the product feedback section of the community forum, as I can certainly see the benefit of this if the code being posted is quite long.

if i can change, let me know as some code is very long ^_^


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